Erik Burckel, LC

I wish to paint a picture for you of something I felt very strongly recently. The verbal expression of the feeling is this: With Christ we see new colors. I fear my article may bring in too many colors, both old and new, and just confuse you. But I hope by the end you will
Is it good to show sex in a book? Some argue yes. “After all, love is what makes the world go round,” they say. “It’s happening somewhere every hour of every day, so if reading about it makes you squirm, you really need to get over it—read more, not less. It’s what we’re all thinking
21D—of itself, it signified an aisle seat in the 21st row of the Boeing aircraft. To Mr. Harrison, librarian, the letter signified the World History section of the Library of Congress catalog, while the number brought to mind the miserable century in which he now found himself—the century that had birthed the alien seated next