Here’s a new translation I made of Paul Claudel’s stations of the cross.  It’s a beautiful prayer and I hope it helps you this Lent!  I put the first station’s text here so you can see if you’re interested, and you can download the whole thing at the bottom of this article.  God bless!

1. Jesus Is Condemned to Death

It is finished! We have judged God and condemned him to death.
We do not wish to have Jesus among us anymore. He bothers us.
We have no king but Caesar!

We have no law but gold and blood.
Crucify him, if you will, but rid us of him! Take him away!

Tolle! Tolle!  Such a shame!

But since it must be done, let him be sacrificed, and Barabbas released to us!
On the high judgment-place Pilate sits.

“Have you nothing to say?” he cries. But Jesus will not answer.
Then Pilate: “In him I find no guilt: yet, bah!
Let him die if such is your will. I surrender him to you. Ecce homo!”

Behold Him, clothed in purple, a crown upon his head.

His blood-stained, tearful eyes meet ours in one last plea.
What can we do? We cannot bear him any longer,
A scandal for the Jews; a folly unto us.
Sentence is passed; nothing is missing: ’tis writ in Hebrew, Latin, Greek —
We see the crowd that shouts, the judge who washes clean his hands.

Download the whole Stations of the Cross: PDF – Stations of the Cross – Paul Claudel