Mother, as your month draws to a close, I’d like to take a few moments and share them exclusively with you.  I know there will be many moments in the future that we’ll spend together, but these days are special.  I would like to offer you one last rose in this month of May—just as we whisper a final “happy birthday” to someone as evening falls.

So first of all, mother, thank you so much for all you’ve done for me—especially for those things I don’t realize.  I’m just a little kid toddling around the house who has absolutely no idea how much his mother does for him (meals and clothes and diapers…) and how much he thrives beneath the light of her eyes!  How many graces God’s given me just because you asked him!  The strength to overcome temptations or to get back up when I’ve fallen.  How often you’ve tucked the blankets around my chin at night after I’ve already fallen asleep and simply looked at me with love.

Mary, I know that what you most want is to lead me to Jesus and to help me become more like him.  It’s what I want too!  Don’t give up on me, mother.  Teach me to always seek him, to listen for the echoes of his voice and treasure them in my heart as you did.  Give me strength and courage to follow Jesus wherever he leads, especially when it means taking up the cross with him on the road to Calvary.

And what can I give you, mother?  What can I offer?  You ask me to stay close to you—not in order to keep me for yourself, but to bring me closer to Jesus.  You ask me to accept your gift of love and to learn from you how to love, how to give God everything.

I know I don’t deserve you—how is it that the mother of my Lord should come to me? (Luke 1:43)  Yet you come—not only as Jesus’s mother, but also as mine.

So please accept this last rose of May, and with it take my heart—keep it forever.  I love you, Mom.  Amen.

Photo Credit: Br Brett Taira, LC