“All-in-one design. Power and performance. Beautifully packaged.” These words advertising Apple’s most recent iMac could have been used by God himself. And they were. Let me tell you about it…

God was looking for a way to communicate a very important message to mankind.  He tried sending it with the postman, but not everyone opened their mail.  He tried publishing books, but people were reading less and less.  Nothing seemed to work.

So God, who knows all things, devised his own infallible design: the iMac. He needed the perfect instrument to get his message out to the world and this was it.  Through the iMac he would reach all people: email, Facebook, Google+ and more. He would communicate his inmost thoughts, his deepest secret, to the world.

Never before had God tried anything like it. On it lay the stamp of the bitten apple, uniting the iMac to Eve and the rest of humanity, a part of our race in suffering and death, yet so very different: its purity shone beneath his gaze — a beautiful instrument in God’s hands.

God sent love letters through the prophets; he wrote all the books of the Old Testament. But he needed Operation iMac, also known as the iMac-ulate Conception, to succeed. Mary herself would eventually bring God’s message to the entire world: the Word made flesh, our Savior. All-in-one design. Power and performance. Beautifully packaged.

And God has never had to make a G2.

First published on Legionary Brothers. | Photo by Thomas Q on Unsplash